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About Our Background
Logiztix is based out of Coos Bay, Oregon. (Registered DBA of Logistix Productions Inc) Our company has more than 20 years of experience in a vast array of technologies. LOGIZTIX has been involved in diverse projects ranging from data networking to Internet/Intranet application and support services. We have been building database driven sites with Adobe's ColdFusion since 1996. The success of multi-state government projects like I.D.E.A.L. (Internet Driven Education Access Link) & the Net-Work-Ed system has provided a wealth of experience in this aspect of the technology industry. Our additional experience in Internet marketing, photography and telecommunications makes for a well rounded perspective unique to Southwestern Oregon.

About Our 'Database Driven' Projects
Internet Database Development is the integration of a database into a common web site. Why would you want to do this? Let's say you have a company with 1,000 products that you want to showcase on-line. Do you want to pay a developer to build a web page for each product and have the expense of changing each when you want to freshen the look of your site? Instead, we utilize dynamic page templates which determine the look of a site while pulling it's details from a database. This same technology has allowed us to build complete web-based commerce systems, event registration systems, complex calculators, interactive calendars as well as a number of reporting applications, including some with extensive integration with GPS mapping. Our skills extend far beyond data integration, as a number of our award winning designs have themselves been featured in national publications.

About The Details That Drive Us
We sweat the details in everything we do. We do this by carefully approaching a project from all possible angles, knowing that there is always a better way to do something if you look hard enough. As Wilbur Wright once wrote (in a letter to the Smithsonian), "I wish to avail myself to all that is already known". Understanding how things work is the key to making them work better. What technology projects would you like to see take flight?

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