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LOGIZTIX Brings New Focus to Web Development (March 2005)
Logiztix has taken 'one stop' web development to new levels with further integration of technologies and services necessary for building a full service web presence. Equipment and software upgrades made across the board allow us to add complete photography and editing services to our extensive web development tool box. Take a moment to preview some examples of the photography and 'digital darkroom' services now available as a part of a comprehensive marketing package. Our work has already been featured in numerous forms of media, ranging from magazine advertising and write-ups to calendars.

LOGIZTIX Expands Grant Management Systems (July 2004)
Logiztix continues to deploy database services for various grant management needs. Recent projects include systems for managing Educational Talent Search (ETS) programs in a number of locations. The data entry, management and reporting tools for these programs continue to be updated for participating entities. Additional projects are in the works for related Trio grant systems, including Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search. Use our contact form to inquire about these systems for your own Trio programs.

LOGIZTIX Introduces Oregon Drum (May 2003)
Logiztix has built a new division around practical application of ColdFusion database technology in web-based commerce. Oregon Drum is a real world showcase for database driven product design, preview and ordering systems. In addition, this unique product line allows us to flex our photography and digital darkroom muscles. Oregon Drum's unique product offerings and their design systems have already gained exposure in a number of industry publications such as Modern Drummer and Drum magazines. Company President William Reeves was recently featured in the local media's Programmer to Drummaker article. A full-featured web presence has quickly established the Oregon Drum line in the minds of professional drummers, lending credibility to the theories and concepts that have been the core of the Logiztix brand development philosophies.

LOGIZTIX Expands Database & Networking Services (July 2002)
With the explosion of available broadband and networking options, Logiztix now offers packaged services to help local clients design and deploy cost-effective, reliable database-driven applications for internal network and Internet use. Primarily serving the Southern Oregon Coast, our involvement and experience with locally deploying the latest in these technologies finds us uniquely qualified for this growing market. Our full service approach to establishing your Internet presence includes everything from site networking, hosting plans, domain management, web design, database integration, domain management, graphic design, product photography and digital audio production.

LOGIZTIX Continues Content Expansion (November 2001)
With the success of ElectronicDRUMS.com, Logiztix has expanded it's music industry content sites to include AcousticDRUMS.com. This new site will focus on the needs of acoustic drummers, featuring an on-line store, helpful educational resources and a discussion forum.

LOGIZTIX Expands Content Offerings (November 2000)
Having designed and marketed electronic percussion in the past, Logiztix (Logistix Percussion in 1992) has recently come full-circle with the addition of a couple of new topical content sites. Our involvement in paid-access content development has given us the opportunity to share some of our past innovations and experiment with new internet technologies at the same time. One of these sites, ElectronicDRUMS.com, has attracted and signed over 1,000 drummers to a common goal of researching and developing the next generation of affordable electronic percussion devices.

LOGIZTIX School-to-Work Data Systems (February 1999)
We are continuing development of I.D.E.A.L. and net-work-ed. We are currently deploying I.D.E.A.L. enhancements and related support through June of 2000. This allows Oregon regions to commit to our services through the required grant reporting period for upgrade and support packages.

Our MIS client base is expanding with the recent award of Alaska's MIS contract as well as our system's use in Southern Nevada. (Visit our net-work-ed pages for information about our School-to-Work database systems.)

Logistix Productions, Inc Adopts LOGIZTIX Name (July 1998)
We have officially adopted the global 'trade name' of LOGIZTIX. Benefits of the name change include a shorter domain name and international distinctiveness. Our recent branching into other states has made this step necessary. Our corporate name remains Logistix Productions, Inc.

Logistix Productions Incorporates (December 1997)
We have completed our incorporation process and have begun offering additional services and products nationally as well as branching further into the connectivity field.

Logistix Productions Joins Allaire Alliance™ (March 1997)
Logiztix has been accepted into the Allaire Alliance. This special group of web application developers is authorized for support and sales of Allaire's ColdFusion Application Server. This application is used for all of our current web-based data systems. Visit Allaire for more information about ColdFusion, HomeSite and other Allaire products.